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Tuesday, November 01, 2005


And so, I write an introductory post for the Carnival of Expats.

The Carnival will be held weekly. On Thursday, the host for that week will post up the question they would like the bloggers to answer and respond to that week. These will, of course, vary depending on the host (who will have posting access to this host blog), but will focus on some part of the ex-pat life.

Once the participant has written their post, they will email the host and advise of the URL (and track back, if applicable) of their post, as well as the title of it.

Monday morning, local time, the host will post a list of each of the blog entries written on that topic, both in their blog and here, directing everyone who checks it out to the various posts, to read the various impressions on that topic. Members of the Carnival should feel free to link either to the host blog or to this blog's post, to direct readers to the various thoughts and ponderings on the topic.

There is no obligation to participate each week. Participate once, weekly, monthly, yearly, whatever works best for you!

The idea is to get many different opinions and experiences of the expat life!

Hope to hear more from you soon!


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